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Spaghetti Junction with a dirty lens
Date: August 29, 2016
Category: Digital photos

I went to Spaghetti Junction, a massive motorway interchange to the North of Birmingham. Well, underneath Spaghetti Junction. It was as brilliantly dismal as I expected. Also deserted and a bit unsettling. But ripe for panoramas.

Unfortunately I forgot to wipe the lens. Bugger. It’s rare that dirt or smudges make much difference to a photo. It’s amazing how filthy a lens can get yet still perform perfectly.

Under Spaghetti Junction

I think the problem here was the very bright, flat white, cloudy sky. And me pointing my lens up at it. And me not cleaning the lens for… er… a very long time.

The effects are really obvious on the black and white picture above. Less obvious on the other pics, but still there.

So, another visit.

Next time:

  • Clean lens
  • Not such a bright sky
  • A couple of friends so I feel comfortable venturing further into the wasteland with my cameras

Under Spaghetti Junction

Under Spaghetti Junction


Mark says:

A few years back, I treated myself to a new compact camera. An ixus so expected reasonable results. Used at a dinner dance then outside around the park etc. Devistade to find poor focus, blurred images. Hoping it was just a dud that was not representative of the model in general I ventured into a camera shop in town. They took one look at the lens, wiped the rements of butter from the lens and pronounced it all-good. Who knew poor images could be due to hinge on the lens?!

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