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Ricoh GR1 – the best 35mm point and shoot (it just is, shut up)
Date: February 19, 2017

I bought a Ricoh Gr1 a couple of years ago. My review was a little ambivalent – I didn’t have much success with the first film a ran through it.

Two years on it has become my go-to pocket 35mm. It’s got everything you need in the right place and the image quality is amazing. Without doubt one of the great street shooting cameras.

Go get one.


Flo, Hal


Bad luck no luck



Frank Lehnen says:

“Bad Luck No Luck!!”

That’s exactly what I had with my GR1. The best camera I ever owned, and by far the most expensive (at least for film cameras). And It just did 5 rolls then died…

Anyways I won’t take the risk of buying another one, sad to say. It was really the best thing I ever used.

Now I rely on my Olympus XA2 and the just arrived XA for pocket cameras… More easily replaceable.

Dank Spangle says:

Mine’s holding out OK, fingers crossed. The on-off button is a bit over sensitive, but otherwise is in good nick. If it broke, would I get another? Probably not. Too expensive a risk. I’d cry for a while and start using my R10 instead.

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