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“Finding myself out of the gossip, I busied myself taking snapshots of everything in sight, enjoying my dislocation from events. Watching the miniaturized, reflected image […] swim prettily into focus in my viewfinder, I had the world exactly as I wanted it.”
Jonathan Raban, Arabia Through The Looking Glass, 1979

This site is mostly about photography. I like photography.

I like:

  • Reading about cameras
  • Thinking about buying cameras
  • Buying cameras
  • Selling cameras
  • Writing about cameras
  • The way I look at the world when I’ve got a camera in my hand
  • Taking photographs
  • Processing photographs
  • Sorting photographs
  • Printing photographs
  • Displaying photographs

I like film. I like digital. I like expensive cameras. I like super-cheap charity shop cameras. I like the chemistry, the physics and the mathematics of photography. I like the art of it.

There’s a super-short learning curve to taking a photograph. There’s a super-long learning curve to developing a photographic style.

“Your first 10000 photographs are your worst.”
Henri Cartier-Bresson

After several tens of thousands of photographs I may have a style emerging. But then I’m a slow learner.

See my pictures on Flickr

You can see some of my pictures on this site and here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dank_spangle

Contact me

You can email me at dank@dankspangle.com or using my real name (Dank Spangle isn’t my real name!) anthony.pearson@vaporum.com.